IanTendy Finds Out Something About Poland

Howdy folks, Ian Tendy here.  Fun Fact: I’m Polish by name.  I know nothing of the language, culture, or people of Poland aside from my relatives (all of which have been in Canada for most of their lives).  I know none of the language, can’t even ask where the bathroom is.  It’s safe to say, that beyond the food, I embrace other aspects of my heritage before the Polish aspects.

However, this is a special day for all Pollacks.  Today, August 1st, is the anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising. 

Brief History!  The Warsaw Uprising was a attempted coup of the Nazi Regime in Poland.  Hundreds of thousands of poorly armed or organized Poles lost their lives at the end of a gun, and the Nazis made good on their threat to detonate explosives at the castle in the middle of town.

Today, Poland and Germany are friends, with most of Europe developing into a very stable region in terms of political friendship.  Nothing’s perfect, but life has been worse.

But Poland, Warsaw in particular, still remembers those dark days.  They pay respect much like we in Canada do, with a rememberance ceremony and moment of silence at a particular time.  But they do that in a chillingly poignant way.  At 5 o`clock this afternoon, the emergency sirens will wail across Warsaw, and her people will stop whatever they are doing and stand up.  People driving will stop and join the siren`s chorus.  A few will light road flares.  This goes on for about a minute, and then everyone goes back to their business, sit down in restaurants, and start up their cars again.


Here`s a video from last year:https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Ejd2rsXoQSI


I know what I`m doing at 5 o`clock today.

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