Why should you go outside?

I love the outdoors, I’m a fresh air freak, and camping is probably the best thing a person can do for themselves.  Living in Ontario affords me access to one of the best backyards in the world.  Mountains, lakes, trees, and fields are all at my disposal.  I have always been a fan of being outside, and I will tell you why.

In the summer, you go to the lake.  Not a lake, THE lake.  Doesn’t matter which one.  From the Great Lakes to the not-so-great ponds, water is freaking awesome.  Going for a swim in the morning is awesome, you can fish, go for a lazy canoe paddle, or a rip-roaring tube ride.  Most people who go to lakes are fun and now that it’s November I can’t wait for that first warm day in Spring.  Also, lakes are often paddled across in the pursuit of remote camping.  Although car camping has it’s own fine merits, I’m a big supporter of ‘canoe & portage’ camping.  Go out into the bush with a canoe on your head and the absolute minimum in comforts, and then coming out gives you probably one of the most rewarding feelings I know of.  To look across the lake as the sun goes down, with nobody else around but your fellow campers, and to reflect on where you came from that day, is really a special thing.  Plus using a camp stove and a fire to cook is really fun!

In the winter, you can still go to the lake, but it’ll be a lot harder to swim.  Instead, we go tobogganing and skating!  Or, some variation on that theme.  Obviously Canadians love playing hockey, and damn if it isn’t a great way to pass a whole afternoon.  Throw a few beers in the snowbank/boards and have fun with friends of all ages and denominations.  Or head to the hills!  Skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing, snowtubing, snowshoeing!  It’s all fun.  It can be challenging, especially to start off with, but after everything starts clicking, it’s a rush that can’t be beat.  Also, there’s snowmobiling, an activity which is often overlooked.  There’s a certain enjoyment on can get from plowing through a forest trail or whipping across lake sections at full tilt, and it’s often a time-saver in areas with heavy snowfall (versus a car for transportation).

I love the outdoors.  It can be dangerous, romantic, mysterious, and just plain fun.  While there is time for things like movies, cleaning, laundry, and video games, those all become more relevent after a hard day of having fun outside.