Movie Monster Fights: The Borg vs. Skynet/The Terminators

 This one is a real treat, as we’ll get mindless killer versus mindless killer.  It’s going to be a real slug-fest, as both sides of the battle have computer-enhanced abilities to adapt and learn, while also bolstering a nearly limitless army behind them.  In this case we can actually have multiple combatants, because one or two would just lumber around and probably kill each other by accident.

It takes cunning and tact to take on a classic cube, even with 24th century technology. Terminator flying machines would be helpless.

In the Terminators, wee see a highly evolved network of communication and peripheral intelligence, making it incredibly hard to disrupt their intelligence network.  They are a unique enemy to the Borg because they cannot be assimilated like a biological intelligence.  Truth be told, the Borg may be able to steal some of the technology, but the Terminators have hydraulic strength, powerful laser cannons of varying size and strength, and are tireless in their cause.  Definitely a formidable foe.

The Borg are a technologically enhanced race of varying species which spread like a virus.  They fly around the galaxy absorbing whatever beneficial technologies and species may make them stronger, no matter the cost to life and culture.  They have the uncanny ability to adapt to their environment.  When one drone falls, the hive mind of the Borg  finds out what caused the loss of life and directs the rest of the drones in the area on how to avoid death.  The cybernetic implants which characterize the Borg are also helpful to their cause, giving them extra strength and scannign abilities beyond the species normal abilities.

On to the fight!  A fleet of Borg cubes and spheres drop out of subspace around Earth’s Moon.  The Borg are mostly slow-moving, but with their beaming technology and dominance of the air, they can lay a hurt on major Terminator facilities.  By sending in commando teams, they take out tanks, fabrication facilities, and power plants.  While the Terminators rip the first few waves of enemy Borg, their handheld lasers are quickly rendered useless by the Borg’s force field technology and their ability to adapt.  The sheer numbers of Terminators do indeed give them an advantage, especially in close quarters combat.  However, the Borg assimilation of a weakened humanity allows for a drastic reinforcement force.  With a beachhead established on Earth, the Borg would move in with air strikes and shielded attacks on Terminator strongholds.  The real battle would be won in cyberspace.  Both the Borg and Terminator central intelligence (Skynet) have shown the ability to take over technology remotely.  If either of these foes managed to break into the enemy computer database, they’d be able to swing the tide of the war.  If I had to guess, I would say that the Borg would do it quickly.  They have the collective intelligence of thousands of civilizations, and some ofthe most advanced computer systems in the galaxy, plus 300-odd years of computer science to fall back on.  With one properly inserted drone and a usb stick the Borg might be able to do what John Connor never could: shut down Skynet.

“Phrase: ‘Resistance is futile’ does not compute”!

I’m chaulking this one up to the Borg.  The Terminators would put up a great fight and the Borg would suffer thousands of casualties, but the  sheer numbers and advanced technology of the Borg would allow them to overcome the murderous robots humanity created.  It’s a bittersweet end to Skynet though, because in the process humanity was also swalloed by the Borg, but I think that a time-travelling Star Trek movie could retcon that.

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