The 24, a descent into awesomeness.

Here in Canada we celebrate many things.  Events like hockey tournaments, religious holiday’s, and the Queen’s birthday are all reasons we take work off and head out with our friends to relax.  That last one in particular, Queen Victoria day, is particularly special.

May 24th long weekend, or TheTwoFour as it is known refers to the day when Queen Victoria was born and all 24 packs of beer drop in price.  It’s become a regular tradition for me and my compadres to pile into pickup trucks and head north for camping or cottaging in Ontario’s great backyard.  This usually results in eatting way too much food, drinking far too much booze, and having far too good a time.

But why is it so awesome?  Well aside from the good food and company, TheTwoFour is a pretty special time of year.  It is either the first real weekend of spring/summer where you can swim and get a semblance of a tan, or it’s the last hurrah for winter and you’re suddenly in a survival situation.  Either way, the result is often a huge bonfire, flammable blood alcohol levels, and awesome fishing.  That’s right, TheTwoFour is also a fishing derby between friends!  It doesn’t matter the biggest fish you catch, but rather the best.  The look of your submitted fish, the story behind the catch, and the circumstance of actually getting said fish is all part of the decision, and the Chewbaka Big Fish Trophy is decided by a vote.  You are then responsible for said trophy, keeping it clean and dust-free as well as ensuring you put your name on it.  It’s been known though, that you can automatically win the trophy for another year if you forget to bring it to the campsite.  One competitor won it for many consecutive years on that techicality alone!

So even though we’re now in the dead of winter, take heart friends!  For Victoria Day is right around the corner, and shinanegans shall ensue!


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