Ice fishing anyone?

I haven’t done a lot of ice fishing in my life, but I’ve done enough so that I could get excited about the prospect of a 3-day fishing trip in February.  Having just come back, I can say that I’m hooked (har har).  This is much more social than the other type of fishing with soft water, and if you were to go alone, you’ll get a much more tranquil time.  The silence of winter can be deafening, especially when you get the stark contrast against the snowmobiles and power augers you’ll hear.

Cold as hell, and desolate. It’s PERFECT!

But it’s definitely fishing.  You must go out of the city, at least for good fishing.  You must have some rudimentary tools, like a rod, and there’s some really fun accoutrements like a camera to lower down a close hole, or expensive lures.  The thrill you get when the tip of the line moves is as unparalleled as it’s warm-weather counterpart.  The real problem people have with it is that the lack of casting makes you sit and wait for the fish to come to you.  Instead, you need the social aspect to step it up a notch.  If you have good conversation partners you’ll love it.

We did indeed catch a great fish too!  It’s similar to this video:


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