Planning TheTwoFour 2012

Sweet Jemima it’s almost here and I’ve got nothing yet on deck!  This must be fixed.  This year it seems the task of finding and booking the place has fallen on my head, and since this is the first time I’ve done it I’ll try to share what I’ve found.

I’m booking for six people, which is a good thing.  It allows for the distribution of work and finances.  You make the food list how you want it, then you mail out who is supposed to bring what.  You’ll always wind up with more food than you need, but that’s part of the fun.  It also keeps the cost of putting a roof over your head down.

I’ve started my search where any child of the 90s would, the internet.  Google is wonderful ain’t it?  I’m looking for a smaller, less family-friendly place to bring 6 heavyweight drinkers and all-around awesome folks and I’ve found a few.  These places are in the region I want too, up in the French River, which is a fishing Mecca.  The first step is emailing them.  I know, the best of these places are managed on site by the owners so their internet isn’t always up to snuff, but it shows ambition, modernity, and gives me a quick and easy in.  If they want my business more than the next guy, they’ll email me back.

I’ve got a number of replies from a whole gamete of places now though, so I’m setting to the task of sorting through them in an attempt to find the best one for our trip.  It must have a dock and boat launch, probably need a boat rental, and we need sleeping quarters for everyone.  That’s about it, and seems simple right?  Hopefully it is.  If it isn’t, then whatever, I’m just going to go to Six Mile Lake.


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