The Doink Floats!

Last night me and my cousin gave a little bath to his new canoe, the Doink.  It was awesome.  The weather cooperated long enough for us to put in at a creek near our house and we got a good 45 minutes of paddling in before we ran out of river and sunlight to paddle in. 

The Doink is a 15.5 feet long fiberglass canoe, running three keels underneath the bottom and it’s fairly wide across.  This makes it solid as a rock in the water.  It doesn’t get blown around too bad, which is a good thing for open water paddling, but it turns kinda sluggishly.  It’s defintely easier to paddle than an aluminum canoe, but I wouldn’t want to run it through questionable rapids any time soon.  It’s nicely weighted and almost perfectly balanced, making it ideal for what we need this summer, a light craft which is ideal for quick trips up north and the occasional portage or two.

The real treat was just playing in the water.  While we didn’t swim, this marked the first boat excursion I’ve had in 2012 and it was super fun.  I got to try out a new paddle, new lifejacket configuration (got a shiny new paddling lifejacket), and most importantly, a new canoe.  It probably did nothing to help my near-manic obsession with camping, but I definitely enjoyed it.

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