Sportsman Show Antics

This weekend, after the glory that is St. Patrick’s day we got up and had breakfast.  It was a good breakfast.  After that we headed downtown, and it was a lovely little drive.  The weather was nice, and my roof rack’s distinctive whistle has been dampened by piping insulation (which I zip-tied to it), so I can leave that shit on all…year…long!  Whee!

But I managed to get into the Metro-Toronto Convention Centre with little to no incident and set upon the Sportsman’s Show.  There was much to be done!  We immediately went to the long jump competition at the Superdogs corner.  One of those dogs cleared 24 feet!  Unreal hops into the pool for that puppy!  Then we did a systematic sweep of the place.  There was much to look at!  How to strike a flint properly, good rope systems for light backpacking, sweet clearance deals from popular vendors (like Tent City, where I’ve gotten food barrels before), and a mountain of fishing gear.  I managed to make it out with a ten dollar section of paracord (slated to snap at 550lbs) and a compass that has a magnifying glass built into it.  I know I’ve already got 4 other ways of starting fires (lighter, waterproof matches, and two flint systems), but the Sun is usually there and this is centuple backup.

All I can do now that I’m pretty much fully outfitted (minus some creature comforts) is shut up and wait for camping season!  I also need to grab a cheap little fishing rod holder to try and hook up my canoe (the Ewok) with a rod system…

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