Fishing the North Channel of the French River

Well folks, I just got back from a long weekend fishing trip to the north side of 18 Mile Island and boy howdy it was exciting.  Being about a 5 hour drive north of Toronto it had better have been.

Weeks of planning in advance made the whole thing much easier to pull off, and as the days got closer and closer it became apparent that everything was going smoothly.  We got there around noon on Friday, left at about 9AM on Monday, and fished the shit out of everything in between.  We even managed to get in some time for swimming (and on May 24!).

But on to the fishing!  As usual, I picked up one lure from Bass Pro and hoped that it’d work for everything, and this time I was right.  I grabbed a medium-sized perch-like sinker.  This little beauty sank and ran about 7-10ft under the water.  With the incredibly deep nature of the French, this worked well.

Out on the water we saw that the shore dropped off quickly from the waterline, so we had to troll incredibly close to shore or down-rig in the middle.  Since we didn’t want to look like morons in the middle of a stream with cannon-balls over the side of our boat, we stayed nice and close to ground.  I was running the One True Lure and managed to catch the first muskie I ever managed to get in a boat (small for a muskie, 6lbs 11oz), a few bass that were out of season and small, as well as a clean and small pike.

The real treat of the weekend was when I managed to grab a five and a half pound walleye (or pickerel if you want to call it that).  It tasted terrific too, but as usual it fought with the pep and vigor of a mud-covered stick.  Still, it’s the biggest walleye I’ve ever got.

According to the locals though, it was a very slow weekend for fishing.  But by using the One True lure it was a great trip for myself.  I caught all of the four big types of fish (bass, pike, walleye, muskie) and damn if it wasn’t great.  Pictures coming soon!


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