My Camera is a Boss

I have a Sony Cybershot camera. It takes all the 720p videoes on my Youtube channel, all the giant high-resolution photos on my Facebook (and some of the ones on this here blog), and it’s been around the world with me. I take it camping with me which is a terrific way of capturing and sharing my experiences to share with my friends and family.


What great quality! Probably indestructable.


Normally, a camping trip is the absolute worst place in the world for a camera. It has a lot of sand, dirt, mud, and water which has a tendancy to ruin electronics. So, I keep it in a Pelican case, which is crush-proof, water-proof, dust-proof, altitude-proof (there’s a valve to keep it from exploding when climbing mountains). Safe to say, Pelican cases are a good thing and mud is a bad thing.

Last weekend I went for a little trip up to Paisley Ontario to visit some family and have a great weekend in a small town. I couldn’t have had a better time, but the highlight of the trip was on Canada Day Sunday where we had 6 or 7 boats put in upstream and had a 5 hour float back into town. We regularly stopped to regroup and take some photos. On one such occasion, I checked my pocket to grab my camera only to realize in horror that it had fallen into the mud! And then it got run over by a canoe…oh dear! Luckily for me, I had the most badass camera in the world. I dusted off some of the sand, blew the dirt out of the gears, and waited for the battery to dry off. Screen’s a little scratched, but withing 15 minutes I was taking pics, vids, and panoramas again.

See! It takes amazing pictures like this, even after getting crushed into the mud by a boat!

Suck on that people with iPhones and instagram!

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