Gear, and gear, and gear, and MORE GEAR!

It’s starting again, I’m thinking now, as the camping season winds down, exactly what gear I need to make the next season even better.  The list isn’t anywhere near as long as it was last year, but I learned some good lessons.

Firstly, I need to get some good plastic plates.  I’ve learned that A.)  Not everyone has their own gear and if I want to introduce new people to the hobby, they’re prone to want to eat off plates, as well as B.)  I’ve only got 2 bowls for eatting/drinking out of.  An inexpensive fix would be these plates, and a more proactive fix would be a big set of cups, bowls, and plates by GSI (but that’s like 50$).

Another thing I’m looking forwards to picking up is an Outback Oven, which is a little fold-out dome you put over your stove to redirect heat to create a little oven!  With this you can bake bannock, cookies, muffins, pizza, and a whole score of other tasty meal ideas.

I really can’t wait to try out a dehydrator too.  The idea of being able to take lightweight vegetables and cured beef out to the bush is really appealing to me.  I’m looking forwards to being able to bust out ground beef and red pepper for spaghetti on like, day 3 or 4.  It’s eats like that which will really bolster a canoe tripper’s spirit.

I’m sure there will be other things I want as the winter throws it’s cold blanket over us, but this year I managed to get some much bigger things out of the way in terms of kit.  Two large packs, a great paddle, a water filter, hatchet, saw, thermarest…it was a great year to grab some gear!


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