A Different Type of Monster

There has been a tremendous development in the blogoshere.  This is big.  And while I don’t like counting my chickens before they hatch, damn if I’m not excited.  Let me fill you in.

For years now, there has been a select group of people who have gone on theTWOfour, an annual May 24 long weekend trip.  On said trip, fishing poles are employed to try and catch the ‘best’ fish of the weekend, thus earning the catcher the Chewbaka Bigfish Trophy (pictured).  While this coveted prize and prestigious event are great, a legend had been spawned.

CBT, in all her glory.  This is like the Stanley Cup of fishing.

CBT, in all her glory. This is like the Stanley Cup of fishing.

Throughout our fishing days, one friend remarked off-handedly about a movie that was made up near where his folks had settled down.  In the Bruce Peninsula of Georgian Bay (the very same bay where the Ewok battled 4-foot waves near the French River), was shot one of the most horrifying films of all time:

PSYCHO PIKE!  (dun, dun, DUUUUNNNNN!!!!)



While we all can see, simply from this poster, it’s a schlocky B-movie, but damn it, this quickly became our B-movie.  But the story gets better.

None of us have ever seen Psycho Pike.  In fact, very few people have.  It debuted in 1992, had a brief and fluffy write-up in Cottage Life magazine, which declared it a ‘cottage cult classic’, and faded into obscurity aside from the people of the Wiarton area where it was filmed.

Fast forwards almost two decades later, and there appeared an innocuous Facebook page called “Where is PSYCHO PIKE?”.  People started to join.  Then people involved with the movie started to join.  Model makers, actors, carpenters, directors, writers!  Pictures of the Pike Monster surfaced, and it seemed like a renewed effort to find this baby had been born.

Then…a few months ago.  A breakthrough.  Hidden in a collector’s basement, within a sealed wooden box was found a 1mm tin labelled “Psycho Pike: Screening copy”.  Our prayers had been answered.  Within days it was online, and after that…people started selling it.

As of last Friday, not knowing what to expect, I placed an order.  For.  My. Copy.  Of.  PSYCHO PIKE!


This may seem overly dramatic, but I can’t wait to see this film.  For years we’ve been joking around the boat saying stuff like “Oh gawd, feels like I got Psycho Pike on the line!” meaning we had a big fish.  This movie is like bigfoot amongst a certain group of people.  And now it’s coming to my doorstep.


2 responses to “A Different Type of Monster

    • While the CBFT is a bit hefty for portaging, due to it’s neuron-star core, it’s coming along this year…as a hood ornament. We must always be wary of the Psycho Pike attack though. He is a cunning prey.

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