May 24 Algonquin Triplog! Pt. 3

Day 3 Grassy Bay to Misty

We woke up fairly late on this day, knowing that today would be our easiest day of the trip. We only had 4 portages, and none of them were too long. Breakfast was pancakes and after fueling up for the morning we were finally about to take on the labyrinth of Grassy Bay. That’s when the rain started…


Loons on a dreary day.

Loons on a dreary day.


It was a cold, wet, and relatively miserable morning meandering through the Bay. We managed to cut a lot of time off our travel due to squeaking through some high water shortcuts, or that I’m sure. But I would have definitely liked to have seen this place in a more positive day. It seems like a great place to observe wildlife. We had seen some moose the day before, and one of our boats got pretty close to one while they were waiting for the portage to clear a bit.

Portaging isn't easy, but it sure is effective!

Portaging isn’t easy, but it sure is effective!

Our portaging machine was in top gear this time around. The other two boats were managing to do 1.5 portages or single carries, often switching carriers halfway down the trail, it was a great system. We eventually popped out onto McIntosh Lake and we took in the sights. It’s a very impressive lake, and we decided to stop for lunch on the northern-most island site. Being as we were sopping wet, we put up a wind-breaking tarp and brewed up some KD. That site was extremely cool. It was had multiple levels, an open area for eatting and looking around the lake, while a thick forest of trees provided healthy stringing and wind protection. I’d definitely stay there if I ever went back.

We then turned north for the first time in our trip and headed into Timberwolf Lake. The portage wasn’t too bad, but I nearly wiped out in a pile of mud (there was a lot of that now), and my styofoam portaging pad spun right around my yoke. Now, my shoulders were aready pretty sore, but without the pad, it was basically a guillotine. Safe to say, it made me really appreciate how much the pad was worth.

We're back on Misty, but on a different site now.

We’re back on Misty, but on a different site now.

Past the final, and I would say quite muddy portage, we wound up back in Misty Lake again. The lake was a bit more busy than before, but still pretty empty for a long weekend. Our first site was taken, but the island site closest to the 935m portage was available and pretty good when the wind kept the bugs away. Plenty of firewood was there already, we rebuilt a bench and arranged a sweet kitchen table out of some rocks from the beach. We definitely did some good on that island, leaving it better than we found it.

The lumber yard has turned into the carpentry shop.

The lumber yard has turned into the carpentry shop.  Note the giant kiln-like fire pit with drying rack.

Something strange happened that night though. As we sat around the roaring fire, reflecting on and celebrating the trip we were almost done, when we heard a engine coming around the lake. We’d heard the Algonquin float plane earlier in the day, but this time he was coming close. Although the sun was going down, he came into our lake! Right in! We couldn’t believe it. The red light on top alerted us to the fact that it was probably an emergency lift-out, and sure enough about 20 minutes later he took off into the night sky. It was kinda neat, but we all hoped the emergency was resolved. The night was absolutely perfect though, and we all slept like logs, ready for our next day.

Plane landing to help out a camper.  Sorry about the focus, but it was pretty dark and very far away.

Plane landing to help out a camper. Sorry about the focus, but it was pretty dark and very far away.


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