May 24 Algonquin Triplog! Pt. 4

Day 4 Misty to Magnetawan

That night it seemed that every single person slept like a baby, the loons which had been waking us around 4 AM every night were silent, and nothing was rustling around.  We woke up early and broke camp as quickly as we could.  One of our group was in such a hurry, he poured his oatmeal into his coffee and named it a “Cafe Mocha Oatmeal Somethingorother”.  Apparently it was edible because he fired it down with gusto.  Because we were heading out that afternoon and didn’t have to break out the dishes for lunch, we made great time getting organized and were on the water just after 8.


Heading back up the Petawawa, where we ate lunch 3 days ago.

Heading back up the Petawawa, where we ate lunch 3 days ago.

This whole trip was a mirrored version of our first day, but now we were well rested, full of caloric energy, and mentally knew what to expect in terms of distance and landmarks.  We hit the 935m portage running and although I had to 1.5 portage, we were through in probably half an hour.  I was really jealous of the folks who were switching off canoe carrying along the trail, but by this point I had gotten used to it.  It became a point of pride later in the day, as I realized I was the only one who carried his boat the whole time, and I could be proud of the distance I put on it.

A brave face for the last portage of the trip.

A brave face for the last portage of the trip.

I was shocked, and still am, at how few people we saw.  It wasn’t until Daisy that we saw other people on the water, and even at the take-out, there were only two or three groups milling around.  Based on what I was told in the Algonquin Adventure forums, it was supposed to be a bit of a wait at at least the Access point.  But this was not the case it seems.

A beauty trip with a great crew.

A beauty trip with a great crew.

This part of the trip really highlighted for me how far we had come as campers.  Not three days before, I had a group that didn`t want to get their feet wet pulling through a beaver dam and double carrying 450m portages, and now they were a battle-hardened camping unit!  I was like a proud father watching this guys get on with the trip.  With a bit of wind at our backs, and the knowledge that greasy food was waiting for us back in civilization, we managed some great time and were back at Magnetawan around noon.  We snapped a group photo and were on our way home.

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