Solo Trip through Southern Kawartha Highlands – Day 3

June 24-27
Triangle/Buzzard Lakes
Total km: 22
Number of portages: 8
Total Portage distance: 3571m
Video Log:

Day three was a bittersweet one for me, as it was the last one of my trip. I had planned for another two days, but I was told there would be 20mm of rain the next day and my fiancee was really pushing to go to a late screening of “The Princess Bride”, which is one of our favorite movies. So I’ll preface this whole article by saying that Rob Reiner is directly responsible for me cutting the trip short.


Looking north from my site, centered is site #424

*Meanwhile, at Buzzard Lake* I woke up to my best morning yet. It was a “rest day”. where I’m not supposed to do anything but relax. I slept in, well past dawn and sleepily got around to starting coffee on my stove. The site has a large strip of sheet metal bent over some logs to give you a nice prep table away from the picnic table, and I took full advantage of it. Breakfast was oatmeal, which is what I usually eat. It’s light and easy to cook, while providing many great health benefits such as regularity at the thunder box. I decided to spend the morning tooting around the lake and plying my trades.


Enter a caption

I headed north first, fishing every bay and trying not to get snagged. Buzzard was where I had my best luck, particularly around the northern bottleneck, grabbing some bass around 1lb. They were in season the next day, so I was “hoping for some trout officers”, but was pleased with what I got. I also hopped onto some sites just to see what they were all about. Site #423 was wide open near the fire pit, with no good tarp possibilities, but was nice and sheltered in the back where you could set up tents. A good site for warm June or early September to be sure, as long as the weather was good.


A beauty day, I was in heaven

I also scoped out sites #424 and #425. Both seemed like prime spots. They had plenty of room to bring your boats up and great views of the sunrise (if you’re into that). I’d say those were the best sites on the lake no that I can think about it. Around noon I paddled back into my site and had a little lunch, wrapped pepperettes with tomato and cheese. I spent the rest of the afternoon chopping wood I gathered and reading “The Hobbit.” It wasn’t until about 4 o’clock that a series of calls and texts to learned weather people (i.e a pilot friend who knows more about weather than most meteorologists) convinced me that tomorrow would be miserable at best and dangerous at worst.


Just before packing up, looking south

Begrudgingly I set about packing up. Literally everything I had brought was out and deployed, so this took longer than I had expected. I also shot some movies showing my displeasure (see the Youtube link above). It wasn’t something I did lightly, and it wasn’t because I was scared, I have promised myself. But I have seen storms like that in the area, especially in the woods. They are damned scary. They can crush cars. They can paralyse kids. It’s not a manly thing to get out of their way, but I think I made the right choice to run to my fiancees waiting arms.


Car is mostly packed up, heading out with fond memories.

So drew to a close one of the best solo trips I’ve ever had. I portaged great distances without tire, I saw wildlife, and I ate food fit for the gods in my eyes. I regret nothing about the trip and can not wait to get back to that part of the world.


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